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NW Ministry of Youth

For the past year, our PEACE IV Youth Council steering group have worked hard to create proposals for a Youth Council in the Derry and Strabane District. Now, we’re asking for your opinion on the youth council structure we’ve come up with.


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Business Youth Charter

The Business Youth Charter is a project that gets young people involved in showcasing local employers who go the extra mile for young people.

Council’s research shows young people identify challenges including a lack of jobs, careers advice and apprenticeships, and little opportunity for small business innovation.

The purpose of the Charter is to:

  • highlight the good work being done by employers in supporting young people into work
  • raise awareness in young people of employers and industries who support young people into work

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Unicef Child Friendly Communities

It is an exciting time for children and young people in the Derry City and Strabane District as we start the journey towards a Child Friendly Community. The vision is that we live in a community where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children and young people are considered and taken seriously.

In a Child Friendly Community all children:

  • Have a say about decisions that affect them
  • Can express their views freely and are encouraged and supported to do that
  • Can access good health, education, transport and other services
  • Feel safe and protected from discrimination and harm
  • Can enjoy public spaces and meet other children and young people freely

We will have an opportunity for children, young people and adults to help shape what we do locally.

Our Discovery Day dates will be coming soon. Watch the space!

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Apprenticeship Campaign

Are you a young person or business thinking about or looking for more information on apprenticeships?  Do you want free practical, independent advice and help?

As education is transforming so too are apprenticeships.  They can be life changing, offering a faster and valid way to get ahead in a job in over 50 sectors, much more than before.  From hospitality to healthcare, food to furniture production apprenticeships offer something for everyone.  

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Peace IV Big Youth Survey

Take part in the Peace IV Big Youth Survey for a chance to win a bike voucher or an iPad mini!

The Peace IV steering group is made up of 14-18 years olds who have developed this survey to find out your views.

The results from the survey will help shape the Youth Manifesto and the Youth Councillors on the NW Ministry of Youth will allocate a small budget to the issues which have been highlighted as important.

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