NW Ministry of Youth

For the past year, our PEACE IV Youth Council steering group have worked hard to create proposals for a Youth Council for Derry/ Londonderry and Strabane. The voices of young people truly matter. The North West Ministry of Youth will be for people aged 12-18 to be the voice for the young people of the North West and create change here for the better. The North West Ministry of Youth will recruit 35 young people for the October 2019 launch with a further 35 young people starting in October 2020.


The Structure


As a youth councillor, you would stand as a representative from local communities (8 seats), schools and colleges (20 seats), represent people not in mainstream education, training or employment (2 seats), represent existing youth voice structures (3 seats) and representatives from Donegal Youth Council will also take part (2 seats).


How to apply


Recruitment will take place during September/ October 2019:



  • Reserve your place at one of the information and support days taking place on 5th October 2019 (there will be one in Derry/ Londonderry and one is Strabane)


  • Come in for a chat with a group of young people and youth workers between 9th– 16th October 2019 (you’ll be told your time slot closer to the time)


  • If you are invited to take a seat on the NW Ministry of Youth, the launch will take place on 23rd October 2019, 4pm-6pm.


  • If you become a Youth Councillor your residential will be during the Halloween mid-term break – Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October at Owenkillew activity centre – Gortin Glens. You’ll take part in fun team building activities and games, find out moe about your role and start planning your future projects


  • You’ll deliver on the Youth Manifesto and vote on the spend of the £24,000 budget. The Youth Manifesto will be shaped with the results of the PEACE IV Youth Survey 

Check out the video to hear what some of the young people from the PEACE IV steering group have to say about their experience of setting up the new Youth Voice.