NW Ministry of Youth

For the past year, our PEACE IV Youth Council steering group have worked hard to create proposals for a Youth Council in the Derry and Strabane District. Now, we’re asking for your opinion on the youth council structure we’ve come up with.

The North West Ministry of Youth will be for people aged 14 to 18 to be the voice for the young people of the North West and create change here for the better. The North West Ministry of Youth would recruit 32 young people per year for two years. We’re proposing that the young people would be representatives from local communities (8 seats), school and college (18 seats), alternative education providers (2 seats), and youth voice structures (4 seats).

The voices of young people truly matter, and we need a space in the North West to allow young people to be heard and make change happen. We’re therefore hoping our Youth Council achieves this and that is why we’re asking for your feedback on our proposals for the new structure.

Download the proposal for consultation at the link below

NW Ministry of Youth Proposals for Consultation. PEACE IV.