Peace IV Big Youth Survey

645 surveys were received, the headlines for what you told us were;

  • Most important issues for peace and reconciliation
    1. Create more positive opportunities to bring people together
    2. Integrated education/ schools
    3. Learning more about other peoples religions and beliefs
    4. Shared space and feeling safe in different areas
    5. Brexit


  • Things that are enjoyed/ appreciated about living in Derry/ Londonderry and Strabane
    1. People
    2. Festivals and Events (e.g. from Music to Science Festivals)
    3. Shopping Centres
    4. Facilities (leisure centres, cinemas)
    5. Youth Centres


  • Most important issues in life
    1. Education and Exam Stress
    2. Health – Mental, Physical and Sexual
    3. Suicide and Self Harm
    4. Drugs and Alcohol
    5. Nothing to Do (Boredom)


  • Satisfaction with services, which are regularly accessed by young people

The highest levels of satisfaction

  1. Physical Activity and Sport
  2. Parks and Open Spaces
  3. Transport
  4. Healthcare (e.g GP and Doctor)
  5. Leisure Centres


  • The lowest levels of satisfaction
  1. Mental Health and Counselling
  2. Careers Advice
  3. Housing
  4. School
  5. Youth Centres

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