Unicef Child Friendly Communities

As part of the steering group you would:

  • Meet up as a group from time to time
  • Check adults are fulfilling their promises and listening to children
  • Take part in other workshops on things like children’s rights and design
  • Build new skills
  • Help to plan events
  • Meet different people across your community
  • Be creative and share ideas
  • Speak up for those whose voices are not being heard
  • Work well in a team

 Find out more about your Rights

You can find out more about your rights by visiting the NICCY website https://www.niccy.org/children-and-young-people/your-rights/ NICCY stands for the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People.  The Commissioners role is to safeguard and protect the rights and interests of children and young people in Northern Ireland.

 How to take part

  • Read the information sheet to find out more and if this is the right opportunity for you
  • Register by email
  • We’ll be in contact to update you about the date of the next get together.

 Have a say without joining a group

We know that lots of you will want to have your voice heard without joining a steering group, which is why we will be working with lots of people like community and youth workers to gather your views through community consultation.

We’ll also be holding a Community and Youth Discovery day. Check back here soon for the date OR level your contact details so we can get in touch by emailing  us