Young people aged 12-24 will get the chance to help develop a headline event during Youth 19  that will celebrate our young people’s individual identity, creative flair & entrepreneurial spirit in a way that promotes positive self-image.

We are renowned for:

  • World Famous Halloween Celebrations – The birth of Halloween was founded by its citizens and was an individual response in a city who collectively sought a release and change – the collective response was to dress up for one night and this connected people and communities that were previously disconnected through conflict and is recognised as the best Halloween Celebration in the World
  • World Famous Fashion & Design Heritage – The City was, for years, built upon the textile trade – in its heyday was recognised as the ‘shirt-making capital of the world’. By 1900, shirts were being produced every 2 minutes in the city. Shirt-making reached its peak in the 1920s – with Derry being the principal seat of the industry in the UK.

The Shapeshifters project will culminate in a major catwalk show, with an Emphasis on Fashion Design, Innovation & Experimentation – drawing from our cities remarkable textile and design heritage during the largest Halloween Festival in Europe.

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